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Welding services

STEP is committed to maintain a wide range of Welding Procedure Qualification Records applicable to different materials and Certified Welders, to satisfy the customers needs.

Special care is observed by QA/QC Department to ensure all certifications are valid and Class requirements are permanently performed.

When needed new welding procedures and welders qualifications are performed to meet the project specific requirements.

This enables STEP to be able implement an extensive variety of welding solutions and also to provide skilled and experienced welders, with a background in the different markets in which we operate.

Welding Procedure Qualification Records according to:
> EN ISO 15614-1 (with PED requirements)
> ASME BPVC Section IX
> AWS D1.1

Welder Certificates according to:
> EN ISO 9606-1
> ASME BPVC Section IX
> AWS D1.1

Welding Processes
> 111 / SMAW
> 141 / GTAW
> 135-138, 136 / GMAW, FCAW
> 131 / MIG

Pipe Work

Pipe work

Throughout the years, STEP has acquired and developed the technical expertise that grants the capability to intervene in the different phases and perform all types of interventions related to piping systems.

> Project Engineering, drawings and planning (E.g.: ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, EN 13480, API, etc.)
> Fabrication and installation
> Pipe manipulation
> Maintenance and repair of all piping systems
> Pipe work can be performed on all types of steel: carbon, stainless, duplex, cunifer, etc.


Boiler services

By working closely together with the main boiler manufacturers, STEP has gained the know-how necessary for fabrication, maintenance, and repair of the different types of boilers used in the Marine, Oil&Gas, and Industrial markets.

> Re-tubing on main and auxiliary boilers
> Chemical cleaning processes
> Refractory and insulation
> General Repairs
> Pressure testing
> Heating Coils
> Fabrication (with approved drawing of manufacturer) and installation


Mechanical services

STEP has highly experienced personnel assigned to performing mechanical works, that are able to carry out any task and to pinpoint and solve any problems and issues that may be discovered during interventions.

> Main Engines
> Repair of turbochargers and gas turbines
> Repair of propellers and thrusters
> Overhauling of valves
> General repairs

Steel Work

Steel Work

STEP technicians have an extensive background in carrying out Steel Works in different scopes. This has been attained by performing work in our target markets, with distinct needs and specific requirements.

> Repair and construction of steel structures
> Plate work fabrication: ship hulls, double bottoms, ballast, and other tanks
> Fabrication of pressure vessels (Class and PED compliance if required)
> Any structural and plate work on the duct, air, gas, oil, water, and other liquid-tight containers


Eletrical Work

STEP has available a highly specialized and trained workforce for performing electrical works. Our technicians are able to perform a wide number of services required by our customers.

> Removal/ rerouting of interferences (cables, piping, hangers, ventilation, ductwork, etc.)
> Reading and planning electrical diagrams
> Maintenance and reconditioning
> Retrofits

Green Technologies

Green Technologies

STEP is committed to providing its customer’s solutions that meet environmental regulations and legislation requirements. With our specialized personnel and expertise, we are able to help them to be environmentally friendly.

> Ballast Water Treatment
> Exhaust Gas Scrubbing